Hamdeli Festival FAQ's


The Hamdeli festival will be held on August 27th at Cal Expo in Sacramento. For more information, please visit www.hamdelifestival.com or email info@hamdelifestival.com.

The participating artists at the Hamdeli festival include Ariana Sayeed, Alia Ansari, Sara Soroor, and others. For a complete list of performers, please refer to the official website at www.hamdelifestival.com.

The program at the Hamdeli festival will begin at 4pm and continue until 11pm.

If you are interested in selling food or products at the Hamdeli festival, please visit the official website and contact the event organizers directly. They can provide information on booth rentals or vendor applications.

No, outside food is not allowed at the Hamdeli festival. However, the festival will offer a variety of Halal food options inside at fair prices.

Children aged 2 years to 12 years require a ticket for entry to the Hamdeli festival. The ticket price for kids in this age range is $25.

The prices of food at the Hamdeli festival may vary depending on the vendors and their offerings. However, the festival aims to provide different Halal varieties of food at fair prices.

Yes, there is a ticket discount for seniors at the Hamdeli festival. The ticket price for elders is $30.

Besides music performances, the Hamdeli festival also features an art show, fashion show, book exhibition, and more. To learn more about the various programs, please visit www.hamdelifestival.com.

Yes, there are sponsorship and partnership packages available for the Hamdeli festival. To inquire about these opportunities, visit the festival’s website at www.hamdelifestival.com.

For more information or to contact the festival organizers, please email info@hamdelifestival.com. They will be happy to assist you with your inquiries.