Handicraft & Cultural Bazar

Package Details:

1.Exclusive Spot:

We have designated a special area for Handicrafts and Culture Bazar booths within the festival grounds.


Hamdeli Festival offers booth rental for the entire day, from 4 pm until 11 pm, at a fee of 750$ per booth.

3.Payment Terms:

To secure your spot, we require a 50% advance payment, with the remaining balance payable on the day of the festival.

Benefits for Your Business:

1.Enthusiastic Audience:

With over ten thousand expected attendees, the Hamdeli Festival provides an ideal platform for showcasing and selling

your unique handicrafts and cultural products to a diverse and engaged audience.


Outside food will not be allowed within the festival premises, ensuring that visitors focus their attention on exploring and

purchasing from your culture bazar booths.

3.Profit Potential:

Being a booth owner at the Hamdeli Festival offers you the opportunity to attract new customers, generate increased sales,

and promote your business to a large and diverse audience.

Networking Opportunities:

1.Business to Business

Connect with fellow booth owners, artists, and festival-goers, fostering valuable relationships and exploring potential


2.Marketing Support:

Benefit from our comprehensive marketing campaign, which will help drive traffic to your booth and increase your

visibility at the festival.

To facilitate installation and preparations, we kindly request that booth owners arrive at the festival site by 9 am.

Join us at the Hamdeli Festival and seize the chance to showcase your unique handicrafts and cultural offerings.

For more information and to secure your booth, please visit:


Fill out the vendor form and send it to:


Or Phone: +1 (925) 804-0214

Hurry and reserve your spot at the Hamdeli Festival before spaces run out.

Best regards,

Hamdeli Festival

Main Organization Team